Van SMC AR825-N12G 4B1-2PH

Thông số kỹ thuật:

Model Port size Fluid Proof pressure Max. operating pressure Set pressure range (MPa) (1) Air consumption (for bleed hole) (2) Pressure gauge port size Ambient and fluid temperature Construction Mass (kg)
AR825 1 1 4, 11 2 Air 1.5 MPa 1.0 MPa 0.05 to 0.83 5 l/min (ANR) (at maximum pressure) 1/4 ?5 to 60C (No freezing) Internal pilot relieving type (Pilot air is always bleeding.) 2.5

SMC AR925-N20G 4B1-97N, đại lý AR925-N20G 4B1-97N, nhà phân phối AR825-N12G 4B1-2PH, đại lý AR825-N12G 4B1-2PH


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