REXROTH 0811402036

Van thủy lực DBETX-1X/50G24-8NZ4M

Thông số kỹ thuật van thủy lực Rexroth 0811402036

REXROTH 0811402036

Van thủy lực REXROTH 0811402036

Connection diagram ISO 4401-03-02-0-05
Product family DBETX
Max. pressure [bar] 315
Max. flow [l/min] 1.5
Spool symbol P → T
Type of connection Subplate mounting
Size 6
Type of actuation Electrical with external electronics
Number of ports 2
Number of switching positions 2
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Electrical connector Connector, 3-pole (2 + PE)
Electrical connection description Connector, 3-pole (2 + PE) according to EN 175301-803, with mating connector
Seals NBR
Weight [kg] 1.58

Rexroth R902124371 – Van thủy lực AA6VM80EP1/63W-VSC520PB-E
Rexroth R902124388 – Van thủy lực A6VM160HZ1/63W-VZB027A
Rexroth R902124465 – Van thủy lực AA6VM80HA1/63W-VSC510A-E
Rexroth R902124846 – Van thủy lực A4VG145EP2DP0T1/40MLND6T11FB3S5AS00-0
Rexroth R902125102 – Van thủy lực A4VG125EP4D1/32R-NZF02F001SP
Rexroth R902125116 – Van thủy lực A4VG125EP4D1/32R-NSF02F021DP
Rexroth R902125209 – Van thủy lực A4VG125HD3D1/32R-NZF02F001D
Rexroth R902125252 – Van thủy lực A4VG125HD3D2/32R-NTF02F691P
Rexroth R902125253 – Van thủy lực A4VG125HD3D2/32R-NSF02F021P
Rexroth R902125968 – Van thủy lực A4VG125EP0MT1/32R-NSF02F691SP-S
Rexroth R902125975 – Van thủy lực A4VG140HD9MT1/32R-NSF02F691S-S
Rexroth R902125976 – Van thủy lực A4VG125HD9MT1/32R-NSF02F691S-S
Rexroth R902126534 – Van thủy lực A6VM140EZ2/63W-VZB380PB-SK
Rexroth R902126607 – Van thủy lực A6VM80EP2/63W-VAB027FPA-K
Rexroth R902126610 – Van thủy lực A18VO080DRS00/11NRWK0E810-0 77722.3115
Rexroth R902126614 – Van thủy lực A18VO080DRS00/11NRWK0E820-Y 77722.3115
Rexroth R902126616 – Van thủy lực A18VO080DRS00/11NLWK0E810-0 77722.3116
Rexroth R902126620 – Van thủy lực A18VO080DRS00/11NLWK0E820-Y 77722.3116
Rexroth R902126622 – Van thủy lực A18VO107DRS00/11NLWK0E810-0 77725.3116
Rexroth R902126624 – Van thủy lực A18VO107DRS00/11NLWK0E820-Y 77725.3116
Rexroth R902126734 – Van thủy lực AA6VM80HA1T/63W-VSC520A-E
Rexroth R902126776 – Van thủy lực A8VO200LA0KH1/63R1-NZG05K020-S
Rexroth R902126819 – Van thủy lực A6VM160EP2/63W-VZB027FPB-K
Rexroth R902126838 – Van thủy lực AA6VM107HA1/63W-VSD527A-E
Rexroth R902126886 – Van thủy lực A6VM160HD2/63W-VAB010B
Rexroth R902126955 – Van thủy lực A8VO80LA0K/63R1-NZG05K010
Rexroth R902126999 – Van thủy lực A6VM170EP200P000A/71MWV0R4A22DV-S
Rexroth R902127132 – Van thủy lực A11VO60LRD/10L-NSC12N00-E
Rexroth R902127208 – Van thủy lực A11VO130LRDS/10R-NZD12K83-S
Rexroth R902127367 – Van thủy lực A11VO40DRG/10R-NPC12N00-E
Rexroth R902127406 – Van thủy lực A11VLO260EP2D/11R-NZD12N00P-S
Rexroth R902127447 – Van thủy lực A11VO190DRS/11R-NS12K04
Rexroth R902127484 – Van thủy lực A11VLO190EP2D/11L-NZD12K02P
Rexroth R902128419 – Van thủy lực A4VG250EP4DM1/32L-NSD10K07XEX-S
Rexroth R902128426 – Van thủy lực A4VG250EP4D1/32R-NZD10F001SP
Rexroth R902128444 – Van thủy lực A4VG250EP4DT1/32R-NSD10F011DP
Rexroth R902128445 – Van thủy lực A4VG250EP4D1/32R-NSD10F001DP
Rexroth R902128461 – Van thủy lực A4VG250HD3D1/32R-NSD10F021S
Rexroth R902128467 – Van thủy lực A4VG250HD3D1/32R-NSD10F691D
Rexroth R902128469 – Van thủy lực A4VG250HD3D1/32L-NSD10F001D
Rexroth R902128479 – Van thủy lực A4VG250HD3D1/32L-NZD10F001S


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